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  • Built Strong 2 Door Locker – 305W

    From $229
  • Built Strong 2 Door Locker – 380W

    From $239
  • Built Strong 4 Door Locker – 305W

    From $239
  • Built Strong 4 Door Locker – 380W

    From $249
  • Built Strong Single Door Locker – 305W

    From $219
  • Built Strong Single Door Locker – 380W

    From $229
  • Infinite Melamine Locker

    From $429
  • Infinite Melamine Locker Step Door

  • Steelco Heavy Duty School Locker

    From $619
  • Axiom 3 Door Locker

    From $399
  • FSP Plastic Locker – 2 Door Tool Shed Locker

  • FSP Plastic Locker – Additional Shelf

    From $4

Office Storage Cabinets & Lockers


Need more secure storage space in your office? Our range of high-quality office lockers are ideal for keeping your employees’ valuables safely and neatly stored and are available in a diverse range of configurations and styles to suit all office decors. Shop online or in store today at your local Empire Office Furniture showroom located in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville or Mackay.

Explore Empire’s Locker & Storage Cabinet Range

For efficient and functional storage in any workplace, storage lockers are always the way to go. Not only are they secure, but their metal or melamine structures ensure that they are durable and long-lasting. If you’re in need of employee storage cabinets that are affordable, neat and compatible with almost all office decor, lockers are the perfect choice.

At Empire Office Furniture, we offer a variety of office locker storage solutions to businesses in Brisbane, Sydney and regional Queensland. With complete end-to-end furniture solutions, we ensure quality advice, delivery and installation services across our entire product range.

If you’re in need of functional storage options in your workplace, get in touch with one of our team members today. We can walk you through our entire plastic, melamine and metal locker cabinet selection, making sure you choose the right product for your office and price range. Read on below to discover more about our amazing range of office storage lockers.

Why Do I Need Lockers In My Office?

On top of every other furniture decision required in an office fitout, making room for locker storage cabinets may not seem like the top priority. However, with benefits to office function, cleanliness and morale, installing high-quality lockers for your employees to store their personal belongings actually makes a lot of sense. With options for metal lockers, melamine lockers and plastic lockers, our team at Empire Office Furniture is here to help you choose lockers that have enough space to securely store important items while still fitting with the existing look and feel of your working environment. We investigate some of the key advantages locker cupboard storage can provide an office space and why it is worth the purchase.

Security Benefits of Installing Locker Cabinets

The biggest benefit that storage lockers offer is security. These cabinets are used to store personal items such as wallets, purses, laptops, phones and other valuables that employees may bring into the office with them on any given day. By having a secure place to store their belongings, your employees can relax knowing their possessions are safe and secure during the workday. Metal storage units are also highly durable which adds another layer of security.

Space Savings & Organisation

Another benefit of installing locker and storage cabinets in the office is that, by freeing up the desk area from extra clutter, they help create more workspace. This additional work area can then be utilised for more productive tasks without having to worry about where an employee’s coat or backpack will be stored when they arrive at the office each morning. Additionally, lockers add an element of organisation since each employee has their own personal nook where their belongings can be stored safely in the right place throughout the day.

Time Efficiency & Accessibility

Installing locker cabinets in the office also adds efficiency to daily operations by providing easy access to multiple people at once. This makes it easier for employees to quickly access items such as notebooks or other supplies without having to search through desks or file drawers looking for what they need. In this way, storage lockers save time and increase productivity in the workplace.

Empire Office Furniture Supplies Lockers To All Office Types

Regardless of the style or colours in your office space, we will design and install storage solutions that fit within your existing decor. We stock a wide range of locker designs, ensuring our fitout experts can mix and match to find an optimal look and feel for your workspace. A tidy office is always a sign that a business knows what they’re doing, so why not invest in your own success with our space-saving furniture. Talk to one of our team members today on 1300 400 521 or visit us in store and we’ll help you find the right lockers for your storage needs!


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