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  • Built Strong Planter Box Low Height Greenery

  • Built Strong Planter Box Low Height Greenery

  • Rezone Planter

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  • Rezone Vertical Garden

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  • Dracaenas Simulated Tree

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  • Golden Cane Palm Simulated Tree

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  • Kentia Palm Simulated Plant in White Pot

  • Rhapis Palm Simulated Plant in Black Pot

  • Bromeliad Planter Simulated Floral Arrangement

  • Fiddle Leaf Ficus in Planter

  • Fiddle Leaf Ficus in Plastic Pot

  • Greenery Bowl


Brighten Up Your Office Space With Empire Office Furniture

With a few simple touches, any office can transform from a clinical environment into a bright, welcoming space.

From plants to paintings to decorative pieces, there are endless ideas out there to add some flair to your workplace. If you’re unsure about where to start, Empire Office Furniture’s office decor range is the perfect place to look. Our design and fitout experts can walk you through our extensive range of corporate decorations, recommending products that would match your current aesthetic and help enhance your company’s brand.

There is nothing worse than working in a sterile workplace that lacks identity. Not only is it uninspiring, bare walls and ugly finishes can impact employee motivation. If you’re in need of an office rejuvenation, investing in some quality decor can make a big difference. Installing an accent wall or coffee table in the entrance, for example, is a great way to liven up a space. You don’t need to turn your office into an art gallery – few simple additions can often make all the difference to the interior design. Our friendly team at Empire Office Furniture is here to guide you through decorating your work or home office, offering tips and advice on how to decorate effectively.

How To Liven Up The Work Environment

Whether you want your home office to reflect your personality and style or you’re looking to create a professional yet welcoming environment for your business, carefully chosen office decor has the power to transform any space. Below we expand on a few different areas of decoration (like colour and plant life), explaining what they can bring to your office and how to make them most effective.

Add Some Colourful Touches

Colour can have a powerful psychological effect on employees in an office space, creating an atmosphere of either energy, peace, or relaxation. Consider adding some pops of colour with acoustic panelling or vases with flowers. You could even change out the artwork on the walls for something brighter and more inspiring.

Bring Nature Inside

If you don’t have any plants in your office, perhaps think about adding one or two. Not only will they add life and colour to your space, but research shows that green plants help reduce stress levels and improve productivity. Also consider adding other natural elements such as wood desks. Natural materials will add texture and warmth to any room – perfect for creating a cosy work environment!

Create Separate Spaces

A cluttered workspace can be distracting and overwhelming, which is not exactly the kind of environment you need to stay productive! Consider creating separate areas in your office space if you have multiple tasks that need different environments. For example, if you need an area where you can brainstorm ideas without distractions, set up this area away from your desk where you do most of your work. This could mean setting up a comfortable chair in the corner with a small table where you can write down notes or lay out pictures for inspiration – whatever works for you!

The Psychological Effect Of Plants In The Office

Not too long ago, most offices were filled with cubicles and little else. But as more businesses focus on improving their company culture, they’re also recognising the psychological benefits of having plants in the office. From promoting creativity to boosting morale, plants can have a powerful impact on employees both mentally and emotionally. You don’t have to choose living plants that will require ongoing care. Our range of beautiful, vibrant artificial plants will bring the dullest office to life with their natural appearance and colours. Let’s take a look at how plants are helping to enhance office life.

Reduce Stress

One of the most commonly cited psychological benefits of having plants in the office is that it can reduce stress levels for employees. Research has found that adding plants to an office environment can reduce feelings of stress and fatigue, which in turn leads to increased productivity. This is primarily because nature has been found to be restorative. Being surrounded by natural elements like trees or flowers can help people feel more relaxed, energised, and inspired.

Improve Mental Health

Plants can also be beneficial for mental health. Studies have shown that having access to natural elements like plants helps promote creativity and reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. This is because interacting with nature helps people feel more connected to their environment, which can lead to a greater sense of wellbeing.

What Effect Does Office Decor Have On A Workplace?

Office decor isn’t just about aesthetics – there are many positive effects quality decor can have on a workforce. From inspiring creativity to encouraging teamwork, making sure your work environment is welcoming is a vital step in making a productive office.

Boost Creativity

When it comes to creating a space that encourages creativity, the key is to make sure that there is plenty of natural light coming in and that the colours used are bright and vibrant. Cool tones like blue and green can have calming effects while colours like yellow and orange can encourage creative thinking. When decorating an office, try adding art pieces or plants to inject some life into the space.

Encourage Teamwork

Designating specific areas for team brainstorming, casual discussions, and quick meetings can have a significant impact on the efficiency and quality of collaborative work. These areas, when thoughtfully decorated, can be tailored to invite certain types of dialogue and interaction, ensuring that the space supports the activity.

Enhance Culture

Office decor is a canvas on which a company can paint its ethos and philosophy. By integrating corporate colours and messaging within the design, the work environment can reinforce those values, making them tangible and visible throughout the daily routine.

Discover Empire Office Furniture’s Decor Range & More

For all your corporate furniture needs, Empire Office Furniture provides a complete end-to-end solution. If you’re in need of decor, an office chair, storage solutions and much more, our friendly team of design and fitout experts are more than happy to help. From selling individual products to full office fitouts, we do it all!


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