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  • Acoustico 12mm 300H Back-to-Back Desk Top Screen

    From $75
  • Acoustico 12mm 300H Single Sided Desk Top Screen

    From $75
  • Acoustico 12mm 400H Back-to-Back Desk Top Screen

    From $100
  • Acoustico 12mm 400H Single Sided Desk Top Screen

    From $100
  • Acoustico 12mm Desk Hung Screen

    From $692
  • Blok Free Standing Screen

    From $289
  • Breathe C-Leg Metal Modesty Panel

    From $59
  • Sale!

    Citi System Desk Hung Screen

    From $139
  • Sale!

    Citi System Desk Mounted Return Screen

    From $59
  • Sale!

    Citi System Desk Mounted Screen

    From $129
  • Citi System Free Standing Panel Screen

    From $324
  • Sale!

    Communicate Room Divider

    $709 Save $40

Office Dividers Brisbane, Sydney & Regional QLD

Our office partitions, otherwise known as office dividers or office screens, will transform an open plan office into an efficient and comfortable workspace for one to 1000 employees.


Both tile-based and panel-based systems are available and can include computer and electrical ducting throughout.

Office partitioning is ideal for creating privacy in open plan office layouts without having to spend thousands of dollars on a full fit out. Our partitions can help your employees to avoid distraction and keep sensitive information private, and are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit all office decors. Our full range of office partitions also includes clear screens which can act as sneeze guards – assisting you to implement your Covid Safe plan and keep your employees healthy.

We also offer a range of user-friendly desk partitions as well as free-standing individual partitions. Empire Office Furniture can assist in designing the most effective use of your office space.

Take a look at our range comprehensive range of office partitions, office dividers and screens below to get more detail on the specifications and purchase the options best suited to your requirements.

Shop online now for nationwide delivery or visit your nearest Empire Office Furniture showroom in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Rockhampton or Mackay to view our excellent quality range of office screens, office partitions and dividers.

Choose Empire Office Furniture’s Office Partitioning

Office partitions are non-structural elements of an office that can help redesign how the space looks and feels. Also known as office dividers, office cubicles, or office screens, partitions can take a wide range of forms. Primarily they are used to create privacy, reduce noise between desks, create extra space and increase overall productivity.

As a cost-effective method of enhancing a space, partitions are enormously popular in offices across Australia. Without the need to hire contractors or builders, you can immediately make structural changes to your office layout. Empire Office Furniture offers a wide range of different partitions and screens to suit any workplace. If you’re looking for free standing office partitions or simple desk screens, we have got you covered. Read on to learn more about which office partition solution is right for you.

What Are The Different Types Of Office Dividers

Although office dividers may conjure a specific image, there is actually quite a wide variety of partitions available to install in your office. With open plan spaces becoming more popular, the need for a versatile, changeable work environment has led to some innovative space-management solutions. Whether you’re looking for a desk mounted office screen to enhance privacy or freestanding partitions to create a temporary meeting room, our friendly team at Empire Office Furniture has the perfect solution for your business needs. Below we outline some of the main partition models available to employers looking to create a more flexible workspace.

Office Dividers & Screens

Without having to construct full-height walls, desk dividers or screens are a great way to create a barrier between you and your coworkers. These come in many styles, from basic fabric designs, to our freestanding clear screens. Plus, an office divider is easy to install and move around if needed, making it ideal for temporary workspaces or areas where soundproofing is not needed. Desk mount screens are also great for blocking out distractions that may interfere with productivity levels.

Partition Walls

Partition walls create individualised workspaces within an open office layout. Providing visual separation between employees, they also offer superior acoustic insulation so that conversations don’t distract other people in the room. Mobile partition walls come in various heights, materials, and colours, so you can customise them however you want.

Cubicle Partitions

As all employees know, feeling like you have your own space is important. Cubicles have long been used in offices as a way to divide space without sacrificing natural light or creating too much disruption in the workspace. Cubicle partitions come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to configure them into whatever layout you need. This type of office room divider also provides visual separation without completely blocking out light, making them ideal for open-plan offices that still need some level of division.

Why Do I Need Office Room Dividers Or Partitions?

Increase Your Office’s Productivity

As we all know, distraction is the enemy of productivity. In some circumstances, an open plan office can make it difficult for employees to focus, losing your business valuable time. Office partitions and dividers are an affordable and effective way to manage visual and auditory distractions, while also giving each worker the privacy and personal space they need to focus on the task at hand.

Empire Office Furniture offers a range of partitions to help create a calmer environment. Our Acoustico Desk Top Screen, for example, is a subtle but effective visual barrier that helps employees to work efficiently without feeling shut off from one another. With products like the Acoustico Desk Top Screen, Empire’s office design specialists can create private spaces without turning your workplace into a maze-like series of dividers. Speak to us today to discover more about our modern office partitions.

Reduce Noise With An Office Partition

Trying to concentrate in a noisy office environment can be incredibly difficult. Reducing sound disruption, therefore, is a vital part of creating a productive workplace. Empire Office Furniture offers a variety of different techniques to help with noise reduction, offering sound breaking dividers and partitions that absorb ambient reverberations. Acting as dividers across a workstation, acoustic dividers are constructed with noise-absorbing materials that block out voices and other ambient sounds. If you’re looking to boost productivity in the workplace, then you can’t go wrong with Empire’s range of acoustic screens and dividers.

Break Up Your Workspace With Office Partition Walls

Office spaces need to be more than just a great expanse. To make your space more ergonomic and easier to navigate, dividing the office into clearer sections is a great place to start. With just a few partitions, you can make a break-out area or team section, focusing your team’s attention on the people they work with the most. Further, if you need to create a meeting space that can adjust in size and location, freestanding office partitions are a versatile solution.

Make Extra Space In Your Office

With office rent currently at a premium, you need to make the most of the space you already have. A cleverly designed office space can ensure that your employees feel comfortable at work, while ensuring that everyone remains focused and on-task. Partitions and dividers are a transformative tool to maximise your office’s potential. Adaptable and versatile, you can quickly and easily construct temporary private offices or meeting spaces, before retracting to return your work environment back to its original layout.

Help Prevent Illness Spreading Within Your Workplace

Empire’s range of sneeze screens reduce the impact of COVID-19 and other viruses within the workplace. By installing an office divider screen between individuals, the risk of contaminants spreading via coughing and sneezing reduces significantly. Easy to install and virtually invisible, sneeze screens are an unobtrusive barrier to germs, providing subtle but effective protection against sickness.


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