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Whether it’s for focused learning, casual conversations or anything in between, our large range of comfortable school chairs and soft seating will cater to all education environments.

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Discover Empire’s Range Of Classroom Chairs

At Empire Office Furniture, we are the industry leaders in school furniture across Brisbane, Sydney and regional Queensland.


Not only do we supply office furniture, our education design and fitout services have seen us work with countless learning institutions across the country. If you’re looking for student chairs and tables made to the highest quality, look no further than Empire Office Furniture.

In the rough and tumble environment of the classroom, it’s important that things are built to last. That’s why our education furniture is thoroughly tested for durability and safety, ensuring that every item in our inventory can withstand years of use.

There’s nothing worse than having a chair break, crack or come loose in the middle of a busy lesson. When you invest in Empire’s products and services, you know that you are getting the best. To find out more, talk to one of our furniture experts today.

What To Look For In A Classroom Seat

From computer chairs to classroom stools, your students need a comfortable place to learn. If you’re looking for the best long-term solution for your classroom seating, there are a few considerations worth making, like style, safety and durability. Below we outline these factors in greater detail, giving you something to think about before making a purchasing decision.

The Importance of Comfort

Comfort should always be the top priority when selecting school chairs. Students need to be comfortable if they want to confidently learn and absorb information. It is also important that students have enough room to move around without feeling restricted by their environment. Investing in comfortable, ergonomic seating can go a long way towards improving student engagement throughout the course of the day. In addition, comfortable seating encourages active listening, which can improve communication between students and teachers.

Durability Matters

When buying school chairs, it’s important to consider their durability as well as their comfort level. After all, what good is a comfortable chair if it doesn’t last more than a few months? Durable school chairs will save you money in the long run because they won’t need replacing as often as cheaper alternatives. Additionally, durable chairs will provide a safer learning environment, as weak or flimsy chairs may cause injuries if they collapse.

A Welcoming Environment

In addition to comfort and durability, there are other benefits associated with investing in high quality school chairs. Aesthetically pleasing seating can make your classroom look inviting and inspiring for students, creating an atmosphere that encourages learning and creativity. Furthermore, by introducing a variety of different seating options and styles, like stools, desk chairs and ottomans, you are able to break up the classroom into different learning spaces and bring variety to the educational experience.

Why Invest Quality Classroom Furniture?

As we all know, school resources are finite, and investing in new educational infrastructure is always a significant decision. However, it is safe to say that upgrading your classroom furniture is always money well spent. From concentration to comfort, there are ample reasons why it’s worth upgrading your teaching space.

Collaborative Learning

Quality furniture fosters collaborative learning by providing enough space for students to work together comfortably. With a variety of seating arrangements in your classroom, you can encourage active participation as well as improved communication between students. This results in increased engagement levels among those who would normally be less likely to participate in class discussions or activities.

Student Comfort

The right kind of furniture can make a large difference when it comes to student comfort. When students are comfortable, they’re more likely to pay attention and actively participate in class discussions and activities. Classroom furniture that is either too small or too large can be uncomfortable, distracting your pupils from the task at hand and impairing their ability to learn effectively. Investing in good quality desks, chairs, and tables that are designed with ergonomics in mind will help ensure that your students remain comfortable throughout the day and are able to focus on their studies without distraction.

Productivity & Organisation

Finally, quality classroom furniture can help foster a sense of productivity and organisation among students by providing them with plenty of desk space for taking notes or completing assignments. This helps promote a greater sense of focus during lessons as well as encourage better time management skills outside of school hours by giving students ample room for organising their materials. Having enough desk space also gives teachers the opportunity to assign tasks that involve working with multiple sheets of paper or textbooks without having to worry about overcrowding on individual desks.

How Can Classroom Seating Create New Learning Environments?

Classroom seating arrangements can be used in a multitude of ways to create new and exciting places for students to learn.

Individual Or Joint Learning

One way to encourage collaboration among students is by using seating choices that promote teamwork. For example, round tables arranged in a horseshoe shape allow every student to participate in group discussions while also providing enough space between each chair so everyone has their own personal work area. Additionally, chairs or couches arranged in circles provide students with plenty of space for discussing ideas and working together on projects. These seating choices allow students to easily interact with one another while still giving them a sense of personal space.

Seating Choices That Foster Creativity

For individual projects or activities that require creative thinking from students, consider adding bean bags or other comfortable seating options into your classroom. When students are allowed to move around freely throughout the room, they can find unique ways to express themselves without being inhibited by traditional sitting arrangements like desks and chairs. Additionally, allowing students freedom within their workspace often creates increased levels of engagement during class time, as they aren’t confined by their surroundings. This can lead to increased free thinking and creativity, as well as heightened engagement in the syllabus.

Seating Choices That Promote Reflection

When it comes time for students to take a break from active learning but remain engaged with the material they are studying, consider providing more secluded areas where they can retreat for some quiet reflection. A cosy corner furnished with cushions or bean bags provides both comfort and privacy so that students can review their notes or meditate on something they just learned without feeling overwhelmed by their peers. This type of reflective atmosphere is key for helping learners stay engaged even when not actively participating in class activities.

Discover Empire’s Range Of School Chairs & More

From kindergarten stools to high school chairs, Empire Office Furniture stocks all the furniture items you need for a comfortable, productive learning environment. From the visitor chair in meeting rooms to ergonomic chairs in the classroom, there are an infinite array of options available to make your class unique. If you need a lab stool or a cantilever chair with flex, with Empire Office Furniture, you and your students will always have somewhere comfortable to sit.


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