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  • Harmony Boat Shaped Boardroom Table

    From $689
  • Milano Boardroom Table

    From $1129
  • Milano Boardroom Table – Boat Shape

    From $1049
  • Milano Boardroom Table with Sharknose

    From $1279
  • Rapidline Typhoon Meeting Table

    From $649
  • Ship Shape 3m Boardroom Table

  • Ship Shape Boardroom Table

  • T-Mate Boardroom Table

    From $959

Office Boardroom Tables Brisbane, Sydney & Regional QLD

When meeting with your clients a quality boardroom table creates a strong first impression of your business.


Our selection of boardroom tables are available in a wide range of stylish designs, sizes and high quality materials to suit all floor plans and decors.

Shop our huge range of office boardroom tables online for fast delivery or, if you’d prefer, visit your nearest showroom and one of our friendly team can help you choose the ideal boardroom table and matching office chairs.

Shop Our Extensive Range Of Boardroom Office Furntiure

At Empire Office Furniture, we understand that executive furniture is a crucial element of any office space. We specialise in premium boardroom tables in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials that provide the perfect fit for all work environments. Our range of rectangular styles in luxurious finishes or modern ovular boardroom designs are sure to stand out in any conference room.

From our Milano Boardroom table to our Ship Shape range of boardroom tables, Empire Office Furniture’s selection of premium executive furniture never disappoints. With the Milano table, for example, our Italian influenced design delivers a unique and sophisticated beam leg system, sure to wow your clients and guests. For that classic executive look, its streamlined top rests on polished aluminium legs, making this table perfect for many corporate environments.

However, if you’re looking for something more affordable, our Harmony boardroom table provides chic practicality, while delivering the table space you need for important meetings and events. Empire Office Furniture’s executive furniture experts can help you decide which of our boardroom table range is most suitable for your design and fitout needs.

With special attention to details like base and leg structure, our meeting room furniture allows executives, managers, clients and directors to be comfortable when making important decisions. Read on to discover the further benefits of Empire Office Furniture’s quality boardroom table collection.

Why Do You Need A Boardroom Table In Your Office?

Optimise Your Meetings

Having a meeting room table in your office allows for easy communication and collaboration between colleagues or clients. It provides an organised space where you can clearly present ideas, discuss strategies, and brainstorm solutions, without feeling cramped or distracted. Boardroom conference tables also create an atmosphere conducive to productive conversations that may not otherwise occur when seated in a different professional setting.

Office Furniture With A Professional Look & Feel

Modern boardroom tables add a sense of professionalism and sophistication to any office space. They provide an air of authority and importance, which creates the perfect impression for important client meetings or conferences. Additionally, having a boardroom table in your office shows potential clients that you take your business seriously, are invested in providing quality service, and have the resources to expand your office setting.

Increased Productivity & Efficiency

If you’re conducting a big team meeting, a boardroom office table makes it easier for everyone involved to stay focused without getting sidetracked. This helps to ensure that all participants are able to keep up with the conversation without being left behind, leading to more efficient and productive discussions.

Applications For A Boardroom Meeting Table

In many workplaces across Australia, the boardroom table is a vital meeting point for colleagues and clients alike. A practical and stylish setting for any conference, the boardroom table has a variety of uses, making it the most versatile piece of office furniture an employer can invest in.

Some uses for a boardroom table could be:

  • Staff training events
  • Digital Conferences
  • General meetings
  • Collaborative projects
  • Group activities
  • Client events

For an authoritative furniture statement in your office space, you can’t go past a quality boardroom table.

How To Choose The Perfect Meeting Table For Your Boardroom

Size Matters

When looking at boardroom office tables, size is definitely something to consider – but don’t let it be your only deciding factor. You want to ensure your boardroom table fits into the space available while still being able to accommodate everyone in your office. Make sure to measure your room before committing to any particular table size. That said, don’t go too big either. If there are only five or six people who will use a boardroom table on a regular basis then there’s no need to install anything larger.

Think About Aesthetics

You also want to think about aesthetics when picking out a boardroom table. As a central meeting place for employees and clients, this piece of furniture should reflect your company’s style and values. Looking for something modern? Sleek? Traditional? There are plenty of options out there, so take some time browsing different styles before settling on just one.

Choosing the right table doesn’t have to be difficult – it just comes down to a few key decisions. Make sure that the material or design style you choose reflects both your company’s values as well as its aesthetic style. Also bear in mind that bigger isn’t always better. Measure out your meeting area first, so that whatever size of boardroom table you buy actually fits into the room! With these tips in hand, you will easily find a boardroom table to match your existing meeting tables and office desks.

Discover The Best Boardroom Furniture With Empire Office Furniture

Design Experts

Your boardroom table should blend seamlessly with its surroundings and set the tone for every meeting held around it! The identity of your firm matters, and with furniture to match, every client will leave with a better impression of you and your business. Empire Office Furniture is happy to assist with the design choices in your office, offering styling advice to all our clients so you make the right furniture investment.

We understand how important it is for our customers to feel understood in their brand identity and style. This identity should always translate into your office space, reminding clients and employees alike of who you are and what your firm stands for. Our design experts are always on hand to help you make the right decision for your office. From coffee tables to executive furniture, we have the experience and know-how to make sure your entire fitout looks and feels how you imagined.

Trust Us To Find The Right Boardroom Table

At the top of the office table chain, the boardroom table is perhaps one of the most important corporate furniture investments you will ever make. As the epicentre of all of your company’s activity, it is a statement piece for your business. Trust Empire Office Furniture to guide you through the decision making process as we introduce you to our extensive list of boardroom table designs. We stock a wide variety of custom tables and office desks so you can be assured there is a design and size to suit you.

Different shapes and colours immediately change how your new boardroom table affects the room it sits within. That’s why we believe it’s very important for all our clients to carefully consider the look and feel of any new furniture purchase. Empire Office Furniture offers design advice for all new additions to your workspace, making you find a boardroom table that fits within your brand identity and budget.

Talk To The Experts Today

If you’re unsure about where to start, talk to our friendly team today. With many years of office fitout and design experience between us, we are the best people to help you rethink your office space. We offer excellent results, every time, and all at a competitive price. For the right tone and functionality that your clients and employees expect, Empire Office Furniture are your trusted corporate furniture experts.


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