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Being organised drives learning efficiencies and capabilities. With our vast range of education storage solutions it’s easy to keep things neat in the classroom, library and breakout areas.

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Classroom Storage Solutions

Improve the style and functionality of your classroom with Empire’s range of vibrant storage solutions. We can help organise any learning space to make the most of your floor plan.


Empire Office Furniture can help to maximise the space in any classroom. From storage units to desk drawers to cabinets, our team of fitout experts will transform your learning environment into a place where everyone has room to thrive. Shop online now for fast delivery or visit your nearest showroom.

Our storage solutions are suitable for any age group, from kindergarten classrooms all the way up to high school and beyond. No matter the educational resources you need stored, we provide quality solutions, every time. All of Empire’s products are safety certified and incredibly durable, ensuring the investment you make today lasts long into the future. We value your input, your demands, crafting a solution that is made to measure for your classroom.

Discover Empire Office Furniture’s Range Of Easy Storage Solutions

Empire Office Furniture has helped countless schools and educational institutions across Australia to enhance their learning environments. We create spaces designed for collaboration and inspiration, drawing on a massive range of furniture items to fully rejuvenate your classroom. Studies have repeatedly shown a correlation between quality ergonomic design and better academic performance. At Empire, we strive to fulfil this potential, giving you more space and resources for new learning opportunities.

When you partner with Empire Office Furniture, you receive world-class design and fitout advice. Our in-house designers and technicians have navigated countless education fitouts and understand how to maximise the potential of your classroom. We always find the right storage solution for your learning environment, having worked with many teachers, principals and educational professionals over our years of service. To find out more about how to properly equip your classroom, read our helpful guides below or talk to one of our design experts today.

Why Should You Invest In Classroom Storage?

Teachers are already busy trying to find all the materials they need for the year. That’s why, when it comes to classroom organisation and storage, it helps to have an expert take the load off. Empire Office Furniture is proud to offer a variety of classroom storage cabinets, desk drawers, trolleys and shelves to maximise floor area and create a more versatile learning environment.

The Benefits of an Organised Classroom

Organisation in the classroom brings many benefits. First, it helps with creating an atmosphere of respect. When classrooms are neat and orderly, students are more likely to take pride in their space and act accordingly. This can help boost morale among those involved in teaching, as well as the students themselves. It also makes it easier to store materials such as textbooks, school supplies, or even decorations – allowing for greater organisation overall. This creates an environment where learning can flourish. Without clutter or chaos to distract them, students will be able to focus on their work more easily.

Classroom Storage Ideas from Empire Office Furniture

When it comes to keeping your classroom looking pristine, there’s no better way than with storage solutions from Empire Office Furniture. Our products are designed with the busy teacher in mind, offering ample storage space while leaving plenty of room for movement within the classroom. For example, our mobile cabinets come equipped with adjustable shelves that allow you to easily store items like textbooks or decorations – perfect for when you want to keep desks area clear but still need somewhere to store materials. We also carry bookcases perfect for storing textbooks or library books. These come in both standard sizes and custom sizes if needed.

Explore Our Range Of Education Storage Options

Understanding what’s available in the storage landscape is vital for making the right decision for your classroom. From book storage to flexible seating to break out areas for student work, Empire Office Furniture has you covered for educational furniture of all shapes and sizes. Read on for some inspiration of what kind of classroom storage solution would work for you.

Portable Cabinets

Portable cabinets are great for classrooms with limited space because they are easy to move around and store away when not in use. They provide extra storage to keep things organised, such as books and art supplies, while still being easily accessible when you need them. The best part about portable cabinets is that they come in many sizes so you can find one that fits perfectly in your classroom. Additionally, some models feature doors or locks which provide an extra layer of security for valuable items stored within them.

Classroom Lockers

Classroom lockers are a great way to store student possessions securely while freeing up floor space in the classroom. Lockers come in various sizes so you can find one that fits perfectly into your classroom layout and provides enough storage for all students’ belongings. Lockers also come with secure locks that only the student has access to which ensures the safety of personal items stored within them. The Empire Office Furniture locker range extends to mobile phone lockers, which effectively keep mobile phones safe and secure during school hours.


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