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Supercharge your productivity with sleek, smart and strong filing cabinets, shelving, lockers and mobile storage. From home office to corporate office, the right filing and storage systems will save time while safeguarding documents and creating clear space for clearer thinking. View our range of office storage cupboards, lockers and cabinets at your local Empire showroom in Brisbane, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Townsville or Mackay or Rockhampton.

Office Cabinets & Storage Solutions

We’ve selected a great-value range of robust systems to change the way you work and discover space you never knew you had.

We make it easier to get organised with high-quality file cabinets made from heavy gauge steel, office shelving and stationery cupboards, metal shelving units and compactus shelving, mobile pedestals and a range of secure locker systems. Our various sizes, configurations, colours and designs help you mix and match for extra storage with seamless style.

Discover Empire’s Range Of Cabinets For Office Storage

There’s nothing worse than misplaced paperwork or office supplies. As we all know, a messy workplace can lead to messy work, especially without the right office storage furniture. If you want to make it easy to reduce clutter and keep your work environment clean and tidy, turn to Empire’s office furniture experts for advice.

If you need drawers for office use or office lockers to store your supplies, Empire Office Furniture is the right place to visit. We stock an extensive range of work and home office storage solutions that not only provide ample storage space to keep things tidy, but also look great in the process

From indoor storage cabinets to lockers to shelving, we’re sure to have the perfect office storage solution to suit your workspace. Talk to our friendly team today and discover how Empire’s design experts can transform your space into a practical, spacious work environment.

Why Invest In Quality Office Storage Furniture?

From inner-city offices to industrial warehouses, there is always a use for quality office furniture storage. You want to have enough space for your equipment, stationery, documents and other office items while still trying to keep everything neat and organised. Lockers, cabinets and drawers can all play a big part in making the most of your office space. Here are several key reasons why you may want to invest in office storage solutions for your workplace.

Organisation is Essential

Office storage cabinets provide a designated place for all of your work materials, helping to keep each room from becoming cluttered or disorganised. You can ensure that your documents, equipment, supplies, personal items, electronics and more are kept safe and secure in an office storage cabinet or locker while also making it easier to find things when needed. Investing in office cupboards with separate compartments or adjustable shelves can make it easier to organise materials according to size or type so that it’s always easy to find what you need quickly.

Optimising Space

Having the right type of office storage unit can also help optimise the amount of space that you have available. Shelf units that are designed for offices are often much more compact than traditional shelving units because they are intended to be used in smaller spaces where every square inch needs to be used wisely. Lockers are also great for optimising space as they provide secure storage without taking up too much room on the floor. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes so you can find exactly what works best for your storage needs. Mobile pedestals are another example of space-saving desk drawer units as they neatly fit underneath a desk or workstation without taking up additional floorspace.

Security & Safety

Investing in quality office storage units also helps ensure the security and safety of sensitive information or valuable equipment. Many sliding door cabinets come with lockable doors that can be used to securely store files and important documents or personal items. Shelves with adjustable heights can also be used to safely store fragile items like electronics or other equipment without worrying about damage due to improper handling. If you opt for lockers then you also have an extra layer of security and privacy since only those who have access keys will be able to open them.

Storage Furniture Brisbane, Sydney & Regional QLD

To discover more about Empire’s range of office storage cupboards and cabinets, get in contact with us today! One of our design experts will be more than happy to talk you through our entire selection, recommending what would work best in your office environment to maximise your storage space and maintain a well-organised workspace. You can explore our range and buy office storage furniture online now or visit us in-person at your local Empire Office Furniture showroom.


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