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Explore Empire Office Furniture’s Mobile Whiteboard Range

If you’re looking for a magnetic whiteboard on wheels that you can move from room to room, Empire’s vast selection is a great place to start.

Our portable whiteboards are perfect for schools, universities and offices, providing a versatile surface area to teach, learn and communicate. With competitive prices and excellent build quality, our huge range of mobile whiteboards is sure to have something that will work for you.

Why Do You Need A Mobile Whiteboard On Wheels?

If you want to quickly communicate ideas or brainstorm as a group, there is no better tool than a whiteboard. As a writing surface, it is ever flexible, giving users the chance to present in a wide variety of colours, styles and techniques. What’s even better, whiteboards are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for repeated use in busy classrooms. Discover for yourself why a new single or double-sided whiteboard is the most versatile way to quickly communicate ideas.

Ease of Use

Mobile whiteboards are incredibly easy to use. All you need is a marker and you can immediately start writing, drawing, and brainstorming. They also require very little setup time. All you have to do is stand the board up somewhere in your office or workspace and it’s ready to go! Moving between rooms or areas is simple with locking castors on the base of the display. This makes them the ideal solution for impromptu meetings or presentations where time is of the essence.

Better Collaboration

Mobile whiteboards allow multiple people to collaborate on projects at the same time by giving everyone a shared space to work together. This helps teams easily communicate ideas without having to worry about miscommunication or getting lost in back-and-forth emails or text messages. Large whiteboards also have plenty of space which helps to encourage creativity and communication. Everyone can easily contribute ideas without having to wait their turn or be interrupted while they speak.

Data Visualisation

Mobile Whiteboards are great for visualising data because they allow users to quickly draw diagrams and charts that explain complex concepts in simple terms. This allows teams to better understand data sets and make decisions based on them. This can lead to better product development, more efficient sales processes, and improved customer service practices. What’s more, whiteboard visuals can be easily shared with those who weren’t present during the meeting so that everyone has access to the same information at all times.

Cleaning & Maintenance

As we all know, you can clean an entire whiteboard in a singular motion. With one wipe of the cloth, all your drawing and writing will vanish, instantly preparing you for the day ahead. What’s more, unlike a chalkboard, a whiteboard doesn’t build up dust, meaning it’s very easy to maintain. And with its magnetic surface, you can easily store pens and dusters on the whiteboard itself, helping you to keep your area tidy.

Where Can I Use A Mobile Whiteboard On Wheels?

From the conference rooms to the home office environment, magnetic mobile whiteboards offer the flexibility and freedom to create, brainstorm and discover anywhere in your workspace.

In the Office

In the office setting, mobile whiteboards are a great way to stay organised when meeting with colleagues or clients. They provide an easily accessible platform for brainstorming ideas and visualising complex topics. Additionally, whiteboards are perfect for displaying project timelines or creating detailed diagrams and flowcharts that help illustrate your points. When used in combination with other tools like sticky notes or dry erase markers, whiteboards create an environment where creativity can flourish.

In Education Settings

Whiteboards have become ubiquitous in classroom environments due to their versatility and ease-of-use. Teachers can use them as part of lesson plans by writing out key points or drawing diagrams related to the material they’re teaching. Whiteboard surfaces also allow students to complete their school work without having to use paper or pencils — something that is especially helpful during group activities or assessments.

At Home

Whiteboards don’t just belong in corporate offices, they can be incredibly useful at home too! A large magnetic whiteboard is perfect to keep track of weekly grocery lists, for meal planning, or to use as a calendar of activities. Smaller whiteboard easels make great bulletin boards for reminders around the house – from school assignments to upcoming appointments – while wall-mounted dry erase boards work well as chore charts. It’s no wonder why so many parents are incorporating these interactive tools into their day-to-day lives!

Whiteboards With Stands & More From Empire Office Furniture

If you want great value office furniture at low prices, look no further than Empire. We stock a quality range of furniture fitout solutions suitable for schools, offices and so much more. Shipping to urban centres and regional towns across Queensland and New South Wales, we provide quality design advice to all our customers, big and small. Talk to us today!


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