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  • Astoria Reception Desk

    From $6089
  • Conrad Reception Counter

    From $4999
  • Conrad Reception Counter with Front Panel

    From $4859
  • Driftwood Reception Counter

  • Hilton Reception Desk

    From $3709
  • Polaris Reception Console

    From $1649
  • Ritz Reception Desk

    From $2239
  • Semplice Reception Counter

  • Ship Shape Reception Hob

  • Swish L-Shape Reception Counter

  • Swish Straight Reception Counter

  • Welcome Reception Counter

    From $609

Reception Desks Brisbane, Sydney & Regional QLD

Be sure to give your guests a great first impression with one of Empire Office Furniture’s professional and modern reception desks. View our range of office reception desks for yourself at one of our showrooms in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville or Mackay.

We have a variety of counter styles so that you can find the perfect colour and shape combination to complement your reception area including small reception desks, corner reception desks, L shaped reception desks and more

A lot of our reception desks are available in a custom design so that they can meet your entrance specifications, ensuring the most efficient use of space.

Clicking on the products you’re interested in below will reveal if that specific reception desk is available online or in a custom design. You will also find more photos to get a better idea of how these counters can look in a reception setting.

Visit your nearest Empire Office Furniture showroom in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Rockhampton or Mackay to view our extensive range of reception desks and any other office furniture you may need. You can also purchase your new reception counter online now for nationwide delivery.

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Choose From Empire’s Office Reception Desk Range

First impressions count, and there’s no better way to get off on the right foot than installing a high-quality reception desk. To greet your clients the right way, Empire offers a huge range of excellent reception desks built from quality materials to suit all types of work settings. From high-end corporate looks to casual units, we stock it all. 

Empire’s team of experts are more than happy to help recommend the right reception desk to you. It can be hard to know immediately which style and size will fit with your workspace, so we take it upon ourselves to help find you exactly the right reception counter. From Townsville to Sydney, we aim to assist businesses big and small to find the perfect office reception furniture to match their brand identity. If you’re in the market to buy reception desks, get in touch today.

Why Do I Need A Reception Desk In My Office?

Reception counters are an important part of any modern office space, and while it may not seem like the most exciting element, having one can make a significant difference to your business. A small or large reception desk serves many purposes, from directing visitors to the right area to providing a secure environment for confidential documents and customer information. Let’s investigate why having a professional and modern reception desk in your office is so important.

A Great Way To Welcome Visitors

Reception areas are often the first thing a visitor sees when they enter an office building. It’s also the place where guests check in and wait to be called upon or directed to their destination. Having someone on hand to greet visitors and provide directions from a stylish reception desk shows that you care about their comfort and experience when visiting your business.

Secure Environment

Another advantage of having a reception desk is that it provides an added layer of security for sensitive documents and customer information. By keeping confidential documents behind the counter, it ensures that only authorised personnel are able to access them, thus helping protect your data from outside threats. Additionally, having someone stationed at the desk helps ensure that anyone entering the building has been properly identified and vetted before entering further into the premises.


A reception desk also helps keep everyone in your office organised by providing an easy way to keep track of who has come into and out of the building during each day. This can be especially helpful if you have multiple offices located within one building, as it allows you to easily monitor who goes where without having to constantly check up on them throughout the day. This also helps ensure that all visitors are properly accounted for when they enter and leave the premises.

First Impressions

The role of a reception desk isn’t just limited to organising paperwork. They’re often responsible for setting the tone of your business by making sure every visitor feels welcomed and valued from the moment they walk through your door. This could mean anything from offering refreshments or snacks while people wait, or simply making sure everyone is greeted with a warm smile when they arrive. A white reception counter, for example, can look very corporate and formal, which may be perfect for some business. However, for others an understated wooden counter may be more appropriate for their line of work. All these little touches help create an inviting atmosphere which can go a long way towards making customers feel at ease when dealing with your company and further understand what your business is all about.

Which Type Of Reception Desk Is Right For Me?

The reception desk is the first thing that customers see when they enter a business. It’s important to make sure that your reception office furniture reflects the type of experience you want your customers to have. There are many different types of reception desks available for businesses to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of reception desks and what makes each one unique.

Reception Counter Desks

One of the most popular types of office reception desk is the reception counter desk. This type of reception desk features a counter-style top with enough space for one or two people behind it, depending on the size. Reception counters are great because they provide ample space for storing paperwork and other materials, while also creating a barrier between guests and employees that helps maintain privacy. They also come in many styles, so you can easily find one that matches your desired aesthetic.

Reception Lobby Desks

Another type of reception desk is the lobby desk. These desks are typically larger than counter-style desks and can accommodate more than just one person behind them. They typically have plenty of storage space as well as drawers, shelves, and cabinets for storing documents or office supplies. They’re perfect for businesses with multiple clients entering and leaving throughout the day because they create an inviting atmosphere with plenty of room to move around in.

U-Shaped Reception Desks

The U-shaped reception desk is another popular option among businesses looking for something slightly more formal than counter-style or lobby desks. U-shaped reception desks offer more privacy than their counterparts by having three sides instead of just two facing out towards customers. This allows administrators to have private conversations with clients without being overheard by others in the area. Plus, these types of reception desks often feature stylish cabinetry along their edges that can be used to store documents or office supplies while adding a touch of sophistication to any office setting.


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