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Whether you require individual learning environments or collaborative group setups, our large range of comfortable school desk and table options provide the best of all worlds, including mobile and flip-top solutions for easy mobility and space saving.

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  • GROW Certified Height Adjustable Desk 600W x 600D

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    Lasso Table with Shield Top

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  • Acer Flip Table – Axis Shape

  • Acer Flip Table – Bone Shape

  • Acer Flip Table – Crescent Shape

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  • Acer Flip Table – Fan Shape

  • Acer Flip Table – Helix Shape

  • Acer Flip Table – Pentagon Shape

  • Acer Flip Table – Star Shape

  • Acer Flip Table – Trinity Shape

  • Acer Study Carrel

    From $331
  • Acer Table – Arc Shape

    From $340

Discover Empire’s Range Of Classroom Tables

If you’re looking for an innovative school table range that encourages learning and lasts for years, visit the dedicated team at Empire Office Furniture.


Our classroom tables come in a range of different shapes and sizes, providing many design options to choose from. From classic school desks to height adjustable desks to our cutting-edge mobile and flip table ranges, Empire always has something to suit your school furniture needs.

Teaching in the 21st century is no longer about a one-size-fits-all approach. The modern classroom should be adaptable with furniture and equipment that caters to different learning styles for each individual student. From kindergarten benches to high school tables, desks are always the focal point of any school, which is why we should consider how they shape and inform the education experience.

Whether you’re interested in traditional classroom desks, standing desks or mobile tables, Empire Office Furniture stocks everything you need to bring variety to the learning environment. Talk to one of our education fitout experts today and discover how Empire’s huge range of desk and table solutions can revolutionise your school.

Why Choosing The Right School Tables Is So Important

The classroom should be a positive environment that encourages learning and growth, and having the right desks can make a huge difference. From computer desks to mobile tables to height adjustable desks, let’s explore how the classroom tables you choose can improve the learning experience for your students.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The first thing to consider when looking at classroom desks is comfort and ergonomics. Having the right desk size and chair height is essential for ensuring students feel relaxed and ready to learn during long stretches of class time. If furniture isn’t sized appropriately or if it isn’t adjustable, it can cause back problems as students grow taller and bigger. Additionally, if desks are too crowded together, it can be a hazard for both students and teachers. Make sure there’s enough space between desks so everyone can move safely around the room.

Teaching Style & Management

Another important factor when selecting your classroom tables is teaching style and management of the class. For example, some teachers prefer round tables so they can easily talk with each student. This can help create an open atmosphere which encourages creativity and critical thinking. Others might opt for rectangular or square setups to facilitate lecture-style teaching methods. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for classroom tables and desks. It all depends on how you want to structure your lessons, as well as how much space you have available.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Modern classroom furniture isn’t just about comfort, it’s also about flexibility and versatility. Look for furniture that can adapt over time with your changing needs as a teacher. For example, adjustable desks give students more control over their work environment by allowing them to switch positions throughout the day or simply adjust their desk height according to their preference without disrupting others. Having flexible furniture at hand which can easily transform from individual desks to collaborative, interactive learning environments through the use of mobile castors and whiteboard table tops is vital in today’s learning environments.

Having the right classroom table is essential for creating an effective learning environment that encourages growth in students and promotes efficient teaching. From kindergarten to primary school to high school, functional yet comfortable student desks will help set them up for success within any educational setting.

Discover Our Innovative Whiteboard Desks

Whiteboard desks are a relatively new addition to classrooms, but due to their versatility, they are fast becoming a popular choice among teachers. These desks have a whiteboard surface on which students can write or draw, allowing them to interact with the material more directly and allowing for a more engaging learning experience. Here’s everything you need to know about whiteboard desks and how they can be useful in the classroom.

What is a Whiteboard Desk?

A whiteboard desk is exactly what it sounds like: a desk with a whiteboard surface on top. The surface of the desk can be used just like any other whiteboard, so students can write or draw directly onto it. This makes it easy for teachers to demonstrate concepts while students are seated, as well as giving students an opportunity to take notes without having to stand up or leave their seats.

How Can Erasable Whiteboard Desks Help Students Learn?

Whiteboard desks are a great addition to any flexible classroom, offering many features to enhance learning and productivity when compared to traditional desks. For one thing, the erasable surface gives students an opportunity to interact with material in a way that’s not possible at conventional tables – namely by writing or drawing directly onto the surface of the desk itself. This allows students to be more engaged in their own learning process and encourages creative thinking as they can share ideas both visually and verbally.

Additionally, because students don’t have to move from their seats in order to write on the board, this eliminates distractions that could otherwise disrupt the flow of class time. An erasable whiteboard desk can also be used as a conventional table, just like your regular classroom desk. So when you are finished drawing on the whiteboard, wipe it down, pack the pens away, and return to class as normal. Some whiteboard tables also come with lockable castors, allowing for easy mobility and repositioning. This flexibility is essential to encourage teamwork with group projects.

What Are The Benefits for Teachers?

Whiteboard tables make it easier for teachers to demonstrate concepts without having to move around the room which can help save time during class and make sure that everyone is able stay focused on what’s being taught. Because each student has their own whiteboard surface, teachers don’t have to worry about sharing materials among large groups of people. Each student has their own workspace where they take notes without relying on paper handouts or other materials that may not be readily available in every classroom setting. All of this adds up to an improved learning experience for everyone involved!

What To Look For In A Quality Student Desk

Classrooms have come a long way since the days of basic wooden desks. A big reason for this is that modern learning spaces have been revolutionised by furniture that not only looks great but also offers students an improved learning experience. It can feel like there are endless possibilities when it comes to student desks. Below, we investigate how to choose the best school desks and tables for your classroom.


One of the most important things to consider when buying desks for your classroom is durability. Educational institutions don’t want to replace desks, tables and other equipment every year, which is why it’s important to choose carefully-crafted furniture. You want something that is built to last even after years of use.


Ergonomic desks are designed with comfort in mind, which helps students stay focused on their work without having to worry about feeling sore or uncomfortable after sitting all day. Look for tables with adjustable table legs that students can raise to a comfortable level according to their individual needs. You may also want to pair your desks with ergonomic chairs which can help reduce fatigue and keep students alert. This will ensure everyone has an optimal sitting position while working in class.

Storage Space

It’s important that you also take storage into consideration when selecting student desks. Look for models with built-in drawers that give students ample space to store books, papers, and other supplies throughout the day. This will help keep their workspace organised and clutter-free while they work and make it easier for them when they need something during class time.

Empire Office Furniture’s range of Flip top tables are a helpful way of saving space, particularly when classrooms need to fulfil multiple functions. These tables can also be useful if larger surface areas are needed in the classroom setting from time to time.

Mobile tables that use castors are also great to add flexibility to a classroom by giving the teacher the opportunity to group desks together for collaborative tasks.

There are many factors that come into play when selecting quality classroom desks, but if you keep these essential elements in mind, you’ll be off to a great start! This will help ensure an effective learning environment without distraction or discomfort.


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