Office Desk Dividers & Modesty Panels

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  • Acoustico 12mm 300H Back-to-Back Desk Top Screen

    From $75
  • Acoustico 12mm 300H Single Sided Desk Top Screen

    From $75
  • Acoustico 12mm 400H Back-to-Back Desk Top Screen

    From $100
  • Acoustico 12mm 400H Single Sided Desk Top Screen

    From $100
  • Acoustico 12mm Desk Hung Screen

    From $692
  • Breathe C-Leg Metal Modesty Panel

    From $59
  • Sale!

    Citi System Desk Hung Screen

    From $139
  • Sale!

    Citi System Desk Mounted Return Screen

    From $59
  • Sale!

    Citi System Desk Mounted Screen

    From $129
  • Acoustico 12mm Wrap Around Desk Top Screen

    From $736
  • Acoustico 24mm Slide On Screen

    From $1192
  • Hedge Above Desk Screen


Desk Mounted Office Screens & Modesty Panels

Desk screens, otherwise known as desk partitions, are an ideal solution for increased privacy and reduced distractions within the office environment.


Our selection of desk screens are available in a variety of sizes to suit a range of desk widths and are easily installed with the included mounting hardware. With a large selection of colours available, our desks screens can be matched to any office space.

Shop our comprehensive range of desk mounted screens online now for quick delivery, or visit your local Empire Office Furniture showroom to speak with our friendly, expert staff.

Empire Office Furniture’s Huge Range Of Office Desk Dividers

As the office furniture experts across Queensland and New South Wales, Empire Office Furniture understands the importance of creating a focused, professional environment. Our office partition solutions provide effective and affordable decor treatment that enhances productivity and reduces stress. If you’re looking to reshape how your office feels or diversify your layout, talk to one of our fitout experts today.

Typically, modern offices utilise a range of partition screens to provide privacy and reduce ambient noise. Our easy-to-install dividers clip onto the end of office desks, providing a natural barrier between each employee without completely blocking out light and sound. If you work in an open plan office and want more privacy without large expenditure, desk dividers are a great way to go. Empire Office Furniture’s versatile range of office partitions and screens can fit to any office layout, offering the perfect solution to noise reduction and privacy.

Why Do I Need An Office Desk Divider?

Office desk dividers are a fantastic way to reduce distraction and increase productivity. And best of all, they are a subtle, non-invasive version of privacy screens which don’t make employees feel completely cut off from the world around them. If you’re unsure about whether to add desk dividers to your office area, Empire Office Furniture is here to help. As you will discover, there are many more uses for room dividers than you might have first anticipated.

Increased Privacy & Security

Desk dividers add an extra layer of privacy and security for employees working in shared spaces. This can be especially important for those who need to access confidential information or take sensitive phone calls during the course of their workday. Additionally, having physical barriers between desks helps to create separate spaces, giving employees a sense of autonomy and control over their own workspace that can help reduce stress levels and improve efficiency.

Improved Focus & Productivity

Distractions can be a major productivity killer in any work environment. By using office desk dividers, you ensure that your team has the privacy to work efficiently without being disturbed by conversations or movements behind them. Without distractions, employees will be able to focus more on their individual tasks, which will lead to increased productivity overall. Office screen dividers are the perfect solution for subtly directing focus back towards individual work, without making employees feel as though they are shut off from their co-workers. The office environment always works best when individuals are in control of their own workload and can direct their attention to the task at hand when need be. 

Reduced Noise Levels

Noise levels are one of the most commonly cited sources of workplace distractions and stressors especially in open plan offices. By using office dividers, you can reduce noise levels significantly by blocking out distracting noises from other areas of the office or even outside noise such as traffic or construction sounds. This will give your team more peace and quiet while they are working which will lead to improved focus and concentration throughout the day. The same can be said for visual distractions, which can also derail focus and make it hard to get back on task. Dividers obscure other individuals from view, without completely taking them out of the picture.


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