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  • Luna Round Table

    From $289
  • Milano Round Table

    From $616
  • New-Matic Height Adjustable Breakroom Table

  • Rapid Span Meeting Table

    From $459
  • Ship Shape Meeting Table

  • Sustain Timber Leg Meeting Table

    From $1109
  • Shape Folding Leg Table

    From $329
  • Moto Round Table

    From $669
  • Moto Tablet Table

    From $399
  • Axiom Meeting Table

    From $429
  • Axiom Round Meeting Table

    From $389
  • CS Tapered Coffee Table leg (Single Leg – No Top)


Meeting Room Tables For Every Office

Empire Office Furniture carries a large selection of meeting room tables to suit all offices.


Our range includes rectangular, square and round meeting tables, available in a variety of styles and designs, that are ideal for use in lunch rooms, break out rooms and more.

For more formal meetings, we also carry an impressive range of boardroom tables.

Shop our range of meeting room tables online now for fast delivery, or visit your nearest Empire Office Furniture showroom to view the range in person and speak with our friendly, expert staff.

Discover Empire Office Furniture’s Office Meeting Table Range

Whether meeting with clients, colleagues or other team members, it is always important to invest in a quality meeting table. There’s nothing worse than being cramped around a boardroom table that’s too small to fit everyone around it, forcing people to sit at funny angles or be excluded altogether. If your business is growing or you are moving offices, now is the perfect time to look into a new office table.

Empire Office Furniture stocks a versatile range of meeting tables at competitive prices. From our round office table range including the elegant Milano selection to our sturdy Ship Shape meeting tables, we have the right solution for every type of business. We even offer folding tables suitable for boardroom areas or multipurpose areas. Whether you’re ready to buy office tables online now or want to browse our range at your nearest showroom, our friendly team at Empire Office Furniture is here to help guide your buying decision.

Why Do I Need A Quality Office Meeting Table?

To some businesses, shoving a few office desks together will suffice as a meeting place. However, when it comes to clients and employees alike, you want to make a strong impression. Investing in a quality meeting table not only sets the tone, but encourages everyone in your office to understand your brand identity. Here are three key factors to consider when choosing a new office meeting table.

The Right Atmosphere Matters

First impressions count, especially when it comes to having meetings with clients or prospective customers. Investing in a good quality meeting table creates less distraction and more focus on the discussion at hand. High-quality design and materials also signal that your company values professionalism and attention to detail. A well-appointed meeting table shows your guests that you are up-to-date with modern trends and willing to invest in essential tools of the trade.

Durability Is Worth The Investment

It goes without saying that investing in quality furniture means shelling out a few extra dollars upfront. However, this investment will pay off over time because you won’t have to replace high-quality pieces as often as lower quality ones. High-grade materials last longer, which makes them worth the initial cost of purchase – not only from a financial perspective but from an aesthetic one too! No matter how aesthetically pleasing something may be, it won’t look nice for very long if it’s not made of durable materials.

Functionality Is Essential

When shopping for a meeting table for your office space, don’t forget about functionality! Good conference room tables should be able to accommodate all of the necessary equipment without feeling cluttered or cramped. You’ll want enough surface area for all participants (with room left over for snacks), plus enough power outlets or USB ports so everyone can plug in their devices if needed – all while still looking stylish and professional. Investing in high-quality pieces gives you more options when it comes to size and shape so you can find something that fits perfectly into any space without sacrificing style or function.

What Are The Different Types Of Office Meeting Tables?

If you’re looking for the right shape and size meeting table for your office, there are a few different options to consider. Below, we break down these options into three distinct categories to help make the decision-making process a bit easier.

Conference Tables

The classic conference table is a rectangular table that typically seats 6 to 10 people. Also known as boardroom tables, they’re usually made from wood or metal and are designed for larger meetings where several people need to be present at once. Conference tables often have optional features such as power outlets and USB ports, which allow participants to connect their devices during the meeting. Some conference tables even come with built-in audio systems so that everyone in the room can participate in the discussion.

Round Office Tables

Round tables are suited to small, informal gatherings, encouraging collaboration without taking up too much room. A round table creates a more relaxed atmosphere, as everyone is seated around a central point rather than directly facing each other. Round tables often have smaller footprints than rectangular meeting tables, making them ideal for smaller offices where space is limited. They also encourage participants to interact more closely with each other since no one person has an advantage over anyone else when it comes to seating placement.

Multi-Purpose Tables

From small huddles to large brainstorming sessions, if you need mobile furniture that can accommodate all kinds of meetings, then our multipurpose tables are the way to go. Empire’s selection spans from our small Acer Flip models to the larger Unit Flip table and so much more. With flip tops for easy storage and castor wheels for manoeuvrability, these tables are perfect for versatile spaces, saving you space and set-up time.

Shop At Empire For All Your Office Furniture Needs

Empire Office Furniture is proud to offer our products and services to businesses across Brisbane, Sydney and regional Queensland. With expert service, quick dispatch from one of our local warehouses and experienced install technicians, your time with us will be easy from start to finish. No matter what you’re looking for, from round meeting room tables to ergonomic office chairs, our business has got you covered.


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