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  • Arlington High Back Executive Chair

  • Beta High Back Executive Office Chair with Neck Rest

  • Big Man's Heavy Duty High Back Chair

  • Broadbeam Heavy Duty Managers Chair

  • Charter High Back Chair

  • Charter Medium Back Boardroom Chair

  • Charter Medium Back Mesh Boardroom Chair

  • Emerald High Back Executive Chair

  • ErgoFit Mesh High Back Executive Chair

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    Konfurb Harmony Visitor Chair

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  • Maestro 200 Super Heavy Duty Chair

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  • Maestro Comfort 180 Heavy Duty Chair

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Office Chairs For Executives

For the executive office, Empire Office Furniture has a wide range of executive office chairs (also known as high back office chairs) providing genuine comfort and support.


Often combining a black Leather-Look (PU) finish with thick foam padding on the seat, back & arms to provide extra comfort, these eye-catching executive office chairs offer real value for money.

Ergonomically the chairs will provide optimum body support throughout the working day, with adjustable arms, height and angle.

Carrying the largest range of commercial grade office seating, we have office chairs to suit a wide range of industries and offices.

Shop online now for nationwide delivery or visit your nearest Empire Office Furniture showroom in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Rockhampton or Mackay to view our range of executive office chairs.

Not what you’re looking for? We have a wide range of other office chairs including task chairs, drafting chairs, boardroom chairs, leather office chairs and more.

Discover Empire’s Executive Office Furniture Range

With a wide selection of office executive chairs, Empire Office Furniture offers a complete end-to-end solution for all your high-end furniture needs. Our design experts will happily recommend the right executive office chair for your posture and your line of work, providing an array of options with ergonomic features and high-quality materials. We help you stand out in your office space while allowing you to sit comfortably all day long!

In offices of all kinds across Queensland and beyond, many directors, CEOs and managers enjoy the superior comfort of Empire’s executive chair range. No matter the office setting, our design experts can recommend the right chair for your line of work. We also take into consideration individual needs around posture and body shape, ensuring that every customer has a comfortable seat, day in, day out. To discover more about executive office chairs, and how to sit in supreme comfort all day long, read on below.

Why Should You Invest In An Executive Office Chair?

There are many reasons why it’s worth investing in an executive office chair. From ergonomics to style, not only is this a way to stay comfortable, but an opportunity to show who you are as a business. If you’re looking for good quality chairs across the board, Empire Office Furniture is the perfect place to start. Our design experts can walk you through our entire range of executive furniture, finding the optimal solution every time.

Ergonomics & Comfort

Sitting in an executive office chair should feel like sitting on a cloud! This is because executive chairs are designed with ergonomics in mind. They adjust to your body shape so that you can easily find the most comfortable position while working. The adjustable armrests provide extra support for your wrists and arms, reducing strain from typing or mouse-clicking. The lumbar support helps reduce back pain by providing extra cushioning and comfort for the lower back area. Plus, many executive office chairs come with additional features such as reclining functions that allow you to lean back at any angle without discomfort. Most models also have castor wheels so that you can easily move around without having to get up every time.


Having an executive office chair sends a message of professionalism and success to those around you. It shows that you take your work seriously and are dedicated to providing yourself with the best tools for success. Furthermore, when potential clients come into your office, it will give them the impression that they’re dealing with someone who takes their business seriously. This will give your clients more confidence in doing business with you, knowing that you care about your own success as well as theirs.

Increased Productivity

An executive office chair not only looks great but it also helps increase productivity levels by providing maximum comfort throughout the day. Sitting in a chair that is not properly adjusted or supportive can lead to discomfort or lack of focus after extended periods of time. With an executive office chair, there’s no need to worry about these issues, as its ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort throughout the day so that you can stay focused on what matters most – getting work done!

Empire Office Furniture is proud to supply a whole range of executive office chairs that fulfil all three of the criteria above. With ergonomic design that doesn’t compromise on style, we have executive options for every industry across Queensland and beyond.

What To Look For In An Executive Office Chair

Investing in an office chair that fits with your taste and body shape is vital for long-term satisfaction. Empire’s vast chair options ensure that across our entire executive range, there is a model to make you feel supported, confident and comfortable. Read on below to discover what to look out for when choosing an executive office chair.


The durability of an executive office chair is very important because it determines how long it will last in your home or workspace. A good quality executive office chair should have sturdy construction with solid frame materials like metal. The upholstery material used on the seat and backrest should also be high-quality so that it can withstand regular use without showing signs of wear and tear. Additionally, make sure that the swivel base is made from a durable material such as steel or aluminium so that it doesn’t easily break down over time.

Style & Comfort

The style of your executive office chair should reflect your own personal taste and blend in well with existing furniture in your home or workspace. You want an executive office chair that looks stylish but also provides maximum comfort. Make sure that the seat is designed with ample padding on both the seat and backrest so that you don’t experience any discomfort while sitting for extended periods of time. It’s also important to find an executive office chair that offers adjustable features such as recline tension control, height adjustment, and tilt lock, so you can customise it according to your needs.


Perhaps the most important factor to consider when purchasing an executive office chair is ergonomics. A good ergonomic design is essential for proper posture, comfort, and overall health. An ergonomically designed executive office chair should provide lumbar support and adjustable arm rests so that you can adjust the height of the chair to fit your needs. The seat should also be wide enough to accommodate different body types and provide enough cushioning for long periods of sitting.


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