Redbank Plains State High School

Rainbow Range

This uniquely bright and colourful arrangement was based on the client’s design schematic. Empire worked closely with the client to ensure their vision was realised, including flexible storage and work units and comfortable task focused seating.

Smooth simplicity & Empire ease

Modularity and task focused spaces were key for this design. Empire was able to fit the client’s need using the always adaptable education range.

Inspired results

The bright pops of colour requested by the client were easily satisfied by the education range, especially when applied in a rainbow array to provide an appealing, engaging palette for young learners.

Key Products & Solutions

The Echo Flip Table and Acer Table – Quarter Curve Shape were used to provide durable work surfaces, while the FX Student Chair and Fonzetta Mobile Bench Seat provided seating options. The Steam Roller Maker Bench was a central piece, included with the design to aid in modularity.

Technical Info

Client: Redbank State High School
Location: Redbank, Southeast Queensland


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  • Acer Table – Quarter Curve Shape

    From $360
  • Echo Flip Table

    From $459
  • Fonzetta Mobile Bench Seat

  • Steam Roller Maker Bench

    From $633


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