Narangba Valley State School

Colour Coding

Managing many student groups in one location is no easy feat. This client opted to colour code particular areas of their Senior Learning Hub to more easily manage and designate groups. They also opted for a combination of static and flexible, moveable furniture to get the best of both worlds.

Smooth simplicity & Empire ease

With a vast range of colourful, flexible, stackable and moveable education furniture, Empire was able to meet the client’s needs to fitout a Senior Learning Hub and Flexi Space that will provide comfortable learning and collaborative spaces for many years to come.

Inspired results

A colourful fitout that provides longevity and flexibility.

Key Products & Solutions

In the Senior Learning Hub, Empire’s Habitat and Habitat Flexi range of library furniture facilitates collaborative learning opportunities with its practical soft seating and benchtop table combination. Complemented with comfortable Mixx stools, it’s the perfect collaboration space. Colourful Fonzetta Booths with customised Luna tables offer seating for more intimate group discussions. Citi Benches and Luna Tables with Mixx Stools and Chairs offer alterative working areas for individual students or small groups while Rainbow lounges and Chai lounges offer colourful, casual seating when desk space isn’t needed.

In the Flexi Space, Citi Benches and Edco Stools offer a work environment for more focused attention while the half-circle Habitat setting offers a collaborative space that combines Brissie ottomans and Habitat soft seating with benchtop space and Edco stools. Moveable Acer tables and cantilever Edco chairs offer a practical focus environment while Foamy No-Bean Chair Bags and Podz Lilypad Cushions provide casual floor seating. Storewell Bag Storage Units present the perfect spot for bags or other loose items while Edge Suzette Pinboard and Edge Porcelain Whiteboards make it easy to put up notes and notices for students or staff.

Technical Info

Client: Narangba Valley State High School
Location: Narangba


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Product selection

  • Brissie Round Ottoman

    From $499
  • Citi 50/50 Bench

    From $529
  • Edco Student 4 Leg Stool

  • Sale!

    Edco Student Cantilever Chair

    From $105
  • Fonzetta Mobile Bench Seat

  • Sale!

    Habitat Setting – 4 Piece U Shape

    From $6136
  • Luna Round Table

    From $289
  • Rainbow Soft Seating System

    From $829
  • Storewell Bag Storage Unit

    From $375
  • The Mixx Sled Base Stool

    From $209


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