DeMartini, Dep Nat Resources & Mines

Minimalist Office, Maximum Space

This client’s workspace was one that required a large desking and workspace fitout, which Empire was able to provide with 78 workstations, two executive offices, two meeting rooms, three quiet rooms, and one lunch room. The space was uniform in colour and design, making it easy for employees to conduct focused work.

Smooth simplicity & Empire ease

The Citi back to back desking system provided a perfect base for these desking needs, coming with installed power and data access points and some noise suppression through the use of divider panels.

Inspired results

Empire was able to keep with the colour palette provided, using whites and blacks with colour highlights on the desk dividers and noise suppression panels.

Key Products & Solutions

Seating was provided with the “Met” High Back Chair and Verve Contract Chair, while desking was provided using the Citi system with added hanging shelf, mobile caddy for storage, and noise suppression panels.

Technical Info

Client: DeMartini Fletcher, Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Location: Toowoomba, Queensland


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Product selection

  • Citi Desk Mounted Shelf

  • Citi Loop Back-to-Back Panel Screen 2P Workstation

    From $1000
  • Sale!

    Citi Mobile Caddy

    From $279
  • The Met High Back Office Chair

  • Verve Contract Chair



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