Corporate Travel Management

Flying First Class Corporate

This client’s two floor fitout in Brisbane’s CBD used the Citi range as the centre of its 140 workstation setup with custom tops and screen panels, cut to display their logo on one side with plywood on the other. As the space already benefitted from many windows and plenty of natural light, the white worktops and light colours helped to make the space feel open and spacious. In contrast, the blue flooring of the conference space paired with a darker timber and the black and chrome seating provided a corporate, sophisticated feel.

Smooth simplicity & Empire ease

The linearity of this space alongside the distinctive ‘coloured zones’ allow for a clean delineation between the more ‘corporate’ spaces and the ‘business’ area of the open office. The ability to customise the desktop panels is a real benefit, and helps keep the space’s theme unified.

Inspired results

Empire’s use of complementary colours throughout the space, and furniture that elevates this look, is a testament to design skills based in experience and hard work.

Key Products & Solutions

The Citi workstation system provided the core desking solution here, while the I.AM Custom Table provided the base for the boardroom setup. The Luna Round Table and Anita tub Chair with 4 Timber Legs work with the existing seating for the breakout areas. Storage is satisfied with the Built Strong 3 Drawer Metal Mobile Pedestal and Built Strong Tambour Door Unit.

Technical Info

Client: Corporate Travel Management
Location: Brisbane CBD, Southeast Queensland


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Product selection

  • Built Strong Tambour Door Unit

    From $619
  • Built Strong 3 Drawer Metal Mobile Pedestal

  • Citi Loop Back-to-Back Panel Screen 2P Workstation

    From $1000
  • Luna Round Table

    From $289
  • Anita Tub with 4 Timber Legs



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