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Porcelain, Glass & Magnetic Whiteboards

Looking for a whiteboard for your business? Take a look at our range of whiteboards and other training aids below to see how they will fit into your organisation.


We offer a range of whiteboard options to suit your specific needs. Choose from self-standing, wall mounted, electronic, projection, cabinet and magnetic whiteboards. With the benefit of online shopping, you can view the full range of whiteboards on offer here with all the specifications in detail or you can head to your nearest showroom if you’d prefer to talk to one of our office fitout specialists.

Discover Empire’s Large Whiteboard Range Today!

There is nothing like a whiteboard to aid group discussions, brainstorm sessions or client presentations. Easy to use, straightforward to clean, whiteboards are at home in the classroom, workplace, home and so much more. From frameless whiteboards to mobile whiteboards to whiteboards made of glass, there are also so many different options to choose from.

Empire Office Furniture is here to help you make the right selection when it comes to whiteboards. We’ve supplied office furniture to homes, businesses and educational institutions across Brisbane, Sydney and regional Queensland for over 40 years. As design and fitout experts, we understand what you need to help get your office set-up off the ground.

Whiteboards can play a vital role in the functioning of an office or classroom. That’s why we offer a wide range of whiteboard models to serve a variety of different purposes. From education, to organisation to general use applications, with whiteboards in multiple sizes, we guarantee there is one for you.

What Activities Can Office Whiteboards Be Used For?

Whiteboards are incredibly versatile, and often have a use in every part of life. From home to work to school, because they are easy to use and straightforward to clean, whiteboards act as a communication or organisational tool in almost any environment. Below, we investigate further how whiteboards can help make day-to-day life easier.

Organisation & Display

Whiteboards are frequently used in classrooms, offices, and homes because they provide an easy way to visually display all kinds of information. For example, teachers may use them to draw educational diagrams or write notes for students to copy down. In the office setting, business executives may use them to brainstorm ideas or track progress on projects. While at home, parents might use them as an efficient way to manage their family’s day-to-day activities. With a whiteboard on hand, the possibilities are endless!

Creative Expression

Beyond organisation and display, whiteboards can also be used for creative projects. With the help of magnets and markers, users can draw anything from intricate designs to basic sketches, allowing them to communicate messages visually in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

Learning Tool

Whiteboards are also often used as educational tools in classrooms around the world. By utilising magnets of different sizes and colours, along with pens and markers, teachers are able to teach basic concepts such as maths equations, science experiments and arts lessons in a unique visual format that engages students better than traditional methods of instruction. This helps make learning more interactive and intuitive – and ultimately more enjoyable!

The Basics of How Whiteboards Work

Whiteboards have been around for many years, but what exactly is it that makes them so useful? How are there surfaces so smooth and easy to clean? And how are they able to be magnetic? Below, we take a closer look at the technology behind whiteboards, and how science has helped create one of the most useful office tools.

Commercial whiteboards are typically made from a special type of glass called “porcelain enamelled glass.” This type of glass consists of several layers that make it highly durable and non-absorbent. The top layer is a thin vitreous enamel surface which gives the whiteboard its glossy finish. This layer also acts as an insulator between the other layers, preventing heat transfer and ensuring that the whiteboard stays cool to the touch even during long writing sessions.

The next layer down is usually composed of aluminium oxide particles that are fused together with heat and pressure. This layer acts as an abrasive when writing on the board, providing friction between the pen tip and the surface which helps create darker lines that won’t easily fade over time. The final layer is typically composed of some type of metal alloy material that helps give the board its strength and durability. If the metal alloy is a steel sheet, this is what creates the magnetic properties, allowing other objects to stick to its surface.

In addition to these three core elements, most whiteboards also contain other components such as erasers for quickly wiping away mistakes, and pens or markers specifically designed for writing on their unique surfaces. All these factors come together to create an effective tool for displaying information in an easy-to-understand format.

Whiteboards may seem mundane, but there’s more to them than first meets the eye! By understanding how they work, from their multiple layers to their specialised pens, you can appreciate how innovation exists in the most humble of places.

What Are The Different Types Of Whiteboard?

Whiteboards are an incredible tool. They can be used to brainstorm ideas, create presentations, and teach classes. However, not all whiteboards are created equal. There are many different types of whiteboard that serve different purposes. Let’s take a look at the different types of whiteboards and how they’re used.

Magnetic Whiteboards

A magnetic whiteboard is a great way to add some functionality to your office or classroom. They come with a magnetic surface that allows you to hang documents or other materials on the whiteboard with magnets. This makes it easy to keep important notes close by so you don’t forget them while you’re working or teaching. Magnetic whiteboards also tend to be much more durable than regular dry erase boards, so they’re ideal for high-traffic areas like classrooms or conference rooms.

Porcelain Whiteboards

Porcelain whiteboards are renowned for their exceptional durability and resistance to surface damage, like dents and scratches. The non-porous nature of the porcelain surface also prevents ink and other markers from penetrating, reducing the likelihood of stains. This makes porcelain whiteboards easier to clean and maintain a pristine writing surface even with heavy use.

Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboards have become increasingly popular in recent years because of their sleek design. Made with a tempered glass sheet over a magnetic surface, they tend to be more expensive than regular dry erase boards, but they offer the advantage of being scratch-resistant. It means a glass whiteboard won’t show any signs of wear and tear as the years go by. Magnetic glassboards also come in a variety of colours so you can choose one that perfectly fits your room’s aesthetic.

Interactive Whiteboards

Ideal for presentations or teaching applications alike, interactive whiteboards have become increasingly popular in recent times. With an interactive whiteboard, users can project and control their computer display onto a whiteboard-sized area, while still being able to draw over the top of it. This more modern alternative to standard whiteboards makes them perfect tools for providing interactive learning experiences in classrooms where teachers can quickly share slideshows, videos, images, and more. They also provide a great conference tool for businesses and organisations.

Mobile Whiteboards

Mobile whiteboards have wheels attached to their base so they can move easily from room to room. They can also be put away when not in use, saving you floor space. Perfect for moving between classrooms or offices, this is a great way to show your work multiple times across different meetings.

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