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  • Storewell 2 Seat Storage Trolley with Outer Storage

  • Storewell Double Sided Tote Trolley

  • Storewell Mobile Tote Storage Trolley

    From $339
  • Tidy Class – Mobile Storage Unit

    From $723
  • Timmy Steel Frame Bench Height Table

    From $264
  • Timmy Steel Frame Table

    From $224
  • Emmy Round Leg Steel Frame Table

    From $309
  • Emmy Square Leg Steel Frame Table

    From $309
  • PODZ Signature Ottoman

  • Pick 'n' Go Curved Ottoman

  • Flexer Bench

  • Flexer Lounge

    From $759

Enhance Your School Library Space With Empire Office Furniture

As a hub for discovery in any school, it is vital that your library is up to date with the latest furniture solutions.

Optimising your reading spaces for collaboration, focus and engagement is a fantastic way to encourage positive learning and foster curiosity. At Empire Office Furniture, we are proud to offer innovative interior fitout services for school libraries across Brisbane, Sydney and regional Queensland.

Our school furniture is at the cutting edge of education design, and can transform any space into a multifaceted environment for students to learn and grow. From library shelving to study desks, we offer a whole range of school furniture that can transform your library.

If you’re building a new library or just want to reimagine an existing learning space, get in contact with Empire today. We offer the best service and quality design advice to schools. From our first consultation, to the installation on site, to the finished product, we’re with you every step of the way.

Why Invest In New Library Furniture?

Transforming your library space can really set the tone for the rest of the school. As one of the learning environments that all students use, making the library a place that children are excited about visiting will encourage them to explore the world of reading.


When you invest in new school library furniture, you can be sure that it will serve its purpose. New furniture is designed with comfort and functionality in mind, so students can use it for studying, reading, or other activities. By selecting ergonomic chairs and learning desks, you can ensure that your student body has access to the materials they need while feeling comfortable and secure at the same time.


New school library furniture is also a great way to ensure the safety of your students. Older pieces of furniture may not be structurally sound and could easily break or collapse under pressure, which could cause serious injury. On the other hand, newer pieces of furniture are designed with safety as one of their primary considerations, meaning they won’t pose a risk even if students decide to get a little too rowdy when using them!


You want to make your library feel like an exciting and relevant space. Updating your school’s library with modern furniture does more than just make it functional. It also helps create a more inviting atmosphere for students. Outdated furnishings can make a library seem dated and uninviting, which doesn’t exactly encourage students to spend time reading, no matter how cool those books might be! With modern furnishings, you can create an inviting atmosphere that encourages students to spend time learning and exploring the wealth of knowledge available within your library’s walls.


One of the most important benefits of investing in new school library furniture is that it tends to last much longer than older pieces do. The quality craftsmanship behind these items ensures that they will remain sturdy and reliable for years to come. This durability means that you won’t have to worry about replacing broken chairs or sagging couches anytime soon, saving your school both time and money.


Finally, investing in new school library furniture is often a cost-effective solution compared with buying used items or repairing older ones. By investing in durable pieces designed specifically for use in libraries, you’ll reduce costs spent on repairs since these pieces are less likely to require maintenance or replacement.

Libraries Are Important School Institutions

If you’re investing in shelves, pods, desks and other furniture items for your library, it always helps to remember why you’re doing it in the first place. Below, we outline the importance of the school library to students and teachers alike.

Access to Knowledge

The most obvious benefit of having access to a library is the vast array of information available at your fingertips. Whether it’s research papers, classic novels or picture books, having access to these types of resources can be invaluable for any student looking to further their education or get excited about reading. By providing access to such resources, libraries open doors for students that may not have been accessible before. In addition, libraries can also provide free computers and internet access which can be extremely beneficial for those who don’t have technology in their home.

A Place for Collaboration

Libraries aren’t just about individual study, they are also great places for collaboration among students. Group projects are common in school and being able to work together in a quiet environment is essential if you want a successful group project. Libraries provide the perfect atmosphere for group collaboration as well as individual study, allowing everyone involved in the project ample space and time needed for successful completion of their tasks.

A Supportive Environment

School libraries provide an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and studying. There are no distractions, such as social media notifications or video games. Instead, the library provides access to books, magazines, computers with internet access, newspapers and other resources necessary for research and academic work. This makes it ideal for studying and allows students to focus on learning.


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