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Office Workstations Brisbane, Sydney & Regional QLD

Workstations are designed to maximise the amount of usable work space in your office.


Our range of office workstation desks are available in sizes ranging from 1 through to 6 person workstations, in side by side and back to back configurations – which can be mixed and matched to suit your modern office space.

Various styles of desk partitions are also available to create privacy and distraction free work zones for your staff.

Our office workstations are available to buy online for delivery Australia wide, or in store at your local Empire Office Furniture showroom.

Working on a larger project? We also offer a complete end-to-end office furniture fitout service – learn more here.

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Complete Office Workstation Desk Solutions

At Empire Office Furniture, we know that combining work areas with one piece of furniture is a clever way to make the most of your floor plan. Compared to individual office desks, the right office workstation can save your business an infinite amount of space, while also creating an invigorating, collaborative atmosphere within the workplace. Long gone are the days of individual computer desks. Step into the modern workplace in style with Empire’s huge range of back-to-back and corner workstations.

When you work with Empire Office Furniture, you have access to an end-to-end service that is unrivalled. Our expert team of fitout specialists ensure that our experience working and collaborating with us is second to none, from your first consultation to the day your office is installed. If you need a new office layout and are considering office workstations, we are the people to make it happen.

What Are The Advantages Of Office Workstations?

There are infinite reasons why choosing a workstation over a cubicle is a good idea. Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or just looking for ways to improve your office setup, multi-person workstation desks are always a fantastic option. Not only do they save space and create a more efficient workplace, but they also offer the perfect platform for collaboration and team building. Let’s investigate why workstation desks are the perfect fit for any workspace.

Workstations Offer Better Space Utilisation

One of the greatest benefits of multi-person workstations is that they provide more space efficiency than individual desks. For example, instead of having four separate desks, you can have one large corner workstation that accommodates four people. This allows you to make the most of limited floorspace and is particularly helpful when working in smaller areas.

Improved Collaboration & Team Building

There’s no denying that collaboration is essential for any successful business or project. With a workstation desk, everyone is able to gather around one table which makes communication easier, while also allowing everyone to better understand each other’s ideas and opinions. This type of setup also encourages team building since it places everyone in close proximity, helping build relationships between co-workers. This will lead to better collaboration overall as well as improved productivity and creativity.

Customisable Options

The great thing about office workstations is that there are plenty of customisable options available, allowing you to choose the best set-up for your team’s needs. You can find variations in size, shape, colour, material, and accessories like desk partitions or acoustic screens so you ensure that everyone has a comfortable workspace tailored to their individual needs.

Workstation desks also offer greater flexibility when it comes to reconfiguring your office or adding new employees to the team. From straight desks to a variety of pod configurations and height-adjustable workstations, there are also many different options available so you can choose the right office furniture for your team’s workflow structure while maximising available space at the same time.

Saves Money

Open plan offices are often more cost effective than traditional office designs since they require fewer walls, doors, and furniture pieces. Furthermore, by creating a more collaborative environment, it reduces the need for additional conference rooms or meeting spaces that would otherwise be required in a traditional layout. By choosing office workstations over individual office desks, you can maximise your budget while still providing staff with an efficient work environment.

Find The Ideal Office Workstation Desk With Empire Office Furniture

From height-adjustable desks to conference tables to ergonomic office chairs, Empire Office Furniture are your experts for end-to-end furniture solutions across Brisbane, Sydney and regional Queensland. As an Australian-owned and operated business, we are proud to say that much of our enterprise occurs in-house, from stock-holding and furniture assembly to the fitout designs, delivery and installation. To find out more about our range of office workstations, or any of our other modern office furniture items, visit your nearest showroom today!


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