Indigenous Designs

Celebrating Indigenous Designs, First Nations Artists and Manufacturing, Empire is proud to offer a range of customisable options across upholstery and acoustic solutions.

In collaboration with Yindi, Materialised, Willie Weston and Autex Acoustics, our furniture and acoustic solutions now showcase some of Australia’s most celebrated First Nations artists and further promote socioeconomic independence for First Nations people through employment opportunities.

Collaboration Partners

  • Yindi – First Nations manufacturing
  • Materialised – Bringing Jimmy Pike art to life in upholstery
  • Autex x Willie Weston – First Nations art in acoustics

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Customisation Through Art

Set yourself apart by creating unique furnishings and acoustic solutions that celebrate First Nations artists, designs and manufacturing.

Customisation options are endless, with myriad designs and colourways to choose from. Enquire today to discuss all options.

Yindi Manufacturing

YINDI Manufacturing was established in 2022 as a First Nations manufacturer in the office furniture sector supply chain in Australia.

YINDI means Mother in Yolngu (North-East Arnhem land) language and is a kinship term referring to the connection that the Australian Aboriginal clans have between themselves.

YINDI’s vision is to build socioeconomic independence for First Nations people through employment opportunities.

Enquire now to see the selection of chairs and soft seating available through Yindi.

Jimmy Pike

Jimmy Pike (1940-2002) was a Walmajarri Aboriginal artist who loved to draw and paint his stories and observations. Born east of Japingka, an important jila or permanent waterhole in the Great Sandy Desert, he grew up as a hunter- gatherer and later worked as a stockman. It was a cattle station manager who named him Jimmy Pike – after Phar Lap’s jockey.

Jimmy learned to use Western art materials while in Fremantle Prison and had work exhibited in major Australian galleries even before his release. Jimmy’s ability to communicate as a painter, printmaker, textile designer, carver/ sculptor, storyteller, book illustrator, set designer and artistic collaborator, (namely with his wife, Pat Lowe) will leave a legacy that will provide a touchstone through future generations.

Taking flora and fauna inspiration unique to his Australian desert life, Jimmy Pike utilised whatever medium he needed to express his stories in his art, and not necessarily traditional ones. Lino printing was a favourite medium and he had a passion for the vibrancy of felt tip pens.

In partnership with Materialised and Desert Designs, Jimmy Pike’s designs are brought to life through contemporary textile and wall coverings.


Japingka is one of the larger desert waterholes in the Great Sandy Desert, where people gather around to tell the spirits to look after the place and fill the waterhole.

The Desert in Colour collection looks at the landscape and home of Jimmy Pike. Falling stars, wildflowers in the bush and the meandering patterns on the sandhills. Materialised has developed a palette of colourways to take you through the diversity of the Great Sandy Desert, highlighting the vibrant illustrative storytelling ways by Jimmy Pike.

Original ‘Japingka’ design

Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes, a linear design representing the active sand dune movements.

This design is perhaps the most different from the original artwork, focusing on the bottom element from this piece. The texture that is shown in the print works back to the texture and markings from Jimmy’s original piece of art.

Original ‘Sand Dunes’ design

Japingka & Sand Dunes colour options

  • Japingka – Butterfly Blush

    Japingka – Butterfly Blush

  • Japingka – Dirt Path

    Japingka – Dirt Path

  • Japingka – Feathertop

    Japingka – Feathertop

  • Japingka – Ghost Gum

    Japingka – Ghost Gum

  • Japingka – Mirage

    Japingka – Mirage

  • Japingka – Reflection

    Japingka – Reflection

  • Japingka – Stellar

    Japingka – Stellar

  • Sand Dunes – Desert Oaks

    Sand Dunes – Desert Oaks

  • Sand Dunes – Dunefield

    Sand Dunes – Dunefield

  • Sand Dunes – Mirage

    Sand Dunes – Mirage

  • Sand Dunes – Rainfall

    Sand Dunes – Rainfall

  • Sand Dunes – Reflection

    Sand Dunes – Reflection

  • Sand Dunes – Starry Night

    Sand Dunes – Starry Night

Willie Weston Acoustics

Uniting contemporary First Nations design and acoustic functionality, the Autex Acoustics® x Willie Weston collection has been curated for education, government and commercial spaces.

Locally manufactured on Cube™ and Quietspace® Panel, the range is comprised of eight designs in 21 colourways and is entirely carbon neutral.

The specification of each design contributes to fair and equitable income for each artist via Willie Weston, a profit-for-purpose business working in partnership with First Nations artists to support the integration of contemporary First Nations design into the built environment.

Willie Weston colourways

  • Durrmu – Berry

    Durrmu – Berry

  • Durrmu – Obsidian

    Durrmu – Obsidian

  • Durrmu – Pippi

    Durrmu – Pippi

  • Durrmu – Terra

    Durrmu – Terra

  • Jilamara – Inlet

    Jilamara – Inlet

  • Jilamara – Sand

    Jilamara – Sand

  • Jilamara – Stone

    Jilamara – Stone

  • Native Seeds – Cassia

    Native Seeds – Cassia

  • Native Seeds – Midnight

    Native Seeds – Midnight

  • Native Seeds – Mineral

    Native Seeds – Mineral

  • Native Seeds – Olive

    Native Seeds – Olive

  • Pandanus – Eucalypt

    Pandanus – Eucalypt

  • Pandanus – Stone

    Pandanus – Stone

  • Sugarbag Dreaming – Ghost Gum

    Sugarbag Dreaming – Ghost Gum

  • Sugarbag Dreaming – Saltbush

    Sugarbag Dreaming – Saltbush

  • Syaw – Seaspray

    Syaw – Seaspray

  • Syaw – Woollybutt

    Syaw – Woollybutt

  • Wak Wak – Mudflats

    Wak Wak – Mudflats

  • Wak Wak – Storm

    Wak Wak – Storm

  • Water Levels – Marine

    Water Levels – Marine

  • Water Levels – Moss

    Water Levels – Moss

Sugarbag Dreaming – by Rosie Ngwarraye Ross

Born in 1951 near Amaroo Station, Northern Territory, Rosie Ngwarraye Ross depicts the bush medicine plants and wild flowers from around her country near Ampilatwatja. She has a bold expressive style and often omits the sky from her compositions, combining both aerial and frontal views.

More Willie Weston x Autex designs by:

Kathleen Korda

Annunciata Nanuk Wilson

Jean Baptiste Apuatimi

Jean Ngwarraye Long

Osmond Kantilla

Susan Marawarr

Lee-Anne Williams 

Fitout services

Interested in fitting out your space with Indigenous designs? Get in touch with our fitout experts to see how we can help optimise your space in the most practical and cost-effective way.

Whether it’s a revamp or a new build, we can manage the entire furniture fitout for you. We’ll measure and map your space, recommend the right furniture and placement, and provide in-house assembly and installation services to nail your construction and teaching deadlines. Minimise downtime and disruption – and create modern, safe and smart learning environments that stand the test of time.

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