11 March 2019

Flexible Learning Furniture Range Expansion at Empire

Classroom furniture plays a critical role in effective teaching and learning within the context of the modern learning environment. In a successful environment classroom furniture needs to be flexible to provide independent, guided and collaborative learning settings. The ability to rearrange classroom furniture for uses in multiple ways is key.

Flexible learning furniture allows adaptable teaching and learning spaces through utilising different types of furniture and equipment for different types of learning activities and teaching styles. This may mean different areas within a traditional classroom space are configured in different ways, using the likes of modular and mobile tables and seating solutions. Examples include:

  • Cluster arrangements of seating around a table can support students to work on collaborative tasks
  • Softs seating, bean bags or floor cushions might be used for quiet reading or individual work
  • Horseshoe arrangements allow students to easily see the teacher and each other, and are acoustically effective because they minimise the distance between the teacher and the students
  • Different learning areas may support different opportunities for students to choose to work individually in a quiet area of the learning space, rather than the teacher configuring the whole space into an arrangement of rows
  • Storage units can be used to define spaces for different activities and can provide acoustic isolation.

Flexible Learning Furniture is instrumental in an innovative learning space .Higher levels of flexibility and adaptability also create additional opportunities for a range of inclusive practices. In order to support this level of adaptability, Future Focused Learning Furniture must be durable enough to last despite frequent rearranging and lightweight enough to enable ease of movement around the teaching space. If tables are heat and water resistant this will allow them to be used for a variety of activities.

Empire Office Furniture, specialists in the Education sector for over 35 years has expanded its Flexible Learning Furniture range to meet the requirements of today’s modern learning environment. Empire provides innovative furniture solutions and design options to accommodate a variety of learning spaces. See further details here.