8 June 2018

Empire adds to Tested and Certified Chairs Range

Empire is continually adding to its range of tested and certified office chairs. A host of chairs have now been ‘Advanced’ Tested and Certified.

Advanced Furniture Testing is an accredited independent laboratory which tests commercial furniture to specific Australian and international furniture standards. Advanced Furniture Testing is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and is authorised to test and certify furniture to 14 international furniture standards.

These approved chairs meet standards which specifically apply to business furnishings and promote safe working environments. Each piece of office furniture is put through an extensive series of tests which determine how functional, safe, and sustainable the piece of furniture is. Only furniture that has held up to these standards is approved.

Benefits of Tested and Certified Furniture –

  • Assures the furniture meets a high standard of safety
  • Provides insight into the structural adequacy, strength and durability of a product
  • Identifies any issues prior to the furniture being employed into the workplace
  • Reduces risk relating to workplace injuries or accidents

provides peace of mind that purchasing decisions are based on documented evidence. This can only be achieved through certification.

Look for the CERTIFIED logo on the Empire website. Each time you see this Advanced logo you can be assured the furniture meets a high standard of safety, reducing rish and providing you peace of mind. See here for the selection.